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We love what we do and we love beautiful things. Especially paper things.


We are print design specialists, we are a great team with complementary skills
and we achieve tangible results for our clients.

Lisa Noble

Graphic Design / Art Direction

Annabelle Archibald

Graphic Design / Illustration


We are two graphic designers, Lisa Noble and Annabelle Archibald. We met while working as the design team on Wellington's magazine FishHead and Nelson's magazine WildTomato in 2014. Together we transformed both magazines and set new standards for the graphic content.


After a blissful and busy year and a half working together, we realised that our work as a team was something special, and formed a design studio specialising in all kinds of flirtations with paper... graphic design for print, branding, packaging, illustration and paperware of our own.


To further complement our skills we form collaborations with specialists in web/online design, photography, illustration, copywriting, styling, signwriting and digital media to deliver a full range of services for all creative projects.


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